Friday, March 4, 2016

That's great, darnit!

Well, I'm a little disappointed, even if I have some really great news.  Our generator broke, and we took it in to The Home Depot for the warranty work to get done.

And they failed miserably.  I'd had this really great blog post written and planned out to complain about The Home Depot and the repair service runaround we'd gotten and how they super sucked.  I was really excited to tell you about the whole story - I'd gotten very floral with my language and it was a great post.  I was just holding onto the post until the end of the runaround and could tell the whole story...

Then the local store went and replaced our generator at no charge even though the repair service wouldn't cover it under warranty!!!  Darn it!  They went and ruined my post with their confounded good customer service!!!  So long story short, our generator broke and the Kennewick, WA Home Depot did a great job fixing the issue.

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