Friday, January 8, 2016

The Original Tiny Home?

I always think of words that end in ~ette~ as being diminutive:

Cobette (little mini corn cobs from KFC, lol)

In truth, the suffix ~ette~ means:
1.  small.
2.  female.
3.  imitation.

In sticking with the diminutive theme, how about a "Homette"?

Yes, the original tiny home!!!  Before there were Tumbleweeds, before there was Tiny House Nation, or tiny this & that; there was the Homette.  This is where we are living temporarily while we wait for snow to melt and things to dry out.  The supreme irony of it is that our temporary tiny home is about three times the size of The Broken Badger!  

As usual, we are super thankful for having the chance to stay here.  It's pretty cool actually, given the age of this little single wide... some previous owners did some remodeling - vinyl windows, drywall, french doors, a mud room & a deck...makes it exceptionally livable!  I was quite pleasantly surprised!  

It's just a little reminder that you can rework old things to make them usable, instead of throwing them away.  Reduce, recycle, REUSE!  (You know, as an aside... I never thought I would be the kind of person that used that phrase, LOL!)

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