Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The Aftermath

Yesterday and last night an epic windstorm blew through. There were deaths in Spokane and over a quarter million people in Washington lost power. Our weather station from CostCo did not work out, so I'm unsure of the gusts, but they were well over 50 MPH.  It was the first time since I'd lived in tornado alley that the weather caused everyone to move away from the windows for safety!

So I did our first review of the property to see the damage from the windstorm. Overall not bad. We'd done quite a bit of prep in anticipation and it paid off. The truck was parked behind the greenhouse so it wouldn't take flight again, and most everything had been tied down to something else. We'd missed a few things that I had to fix during the storm, or Woody did when he got home, but fared much better than the last storm. 

The house on the other hand needs some work. While built very sturdily, it just wasn't ready for the force of the rain pummeling it straight on for hours with 40+mph winds. Part of that is our fault...did not take time for proper maintenance this summer. We had some major leakage frown emoticon Woody's fixing that right now. Also damaged the storm door. Also need to resolve downdraft issues with the woodstove - had to fall back a redundancy level for heat!!! All was good tho. We were prepared for that and rode out the storm watching a movie. 

Now it's a gorgeous morning, everything is getting cleaned up and we'll take a ride later to clear the road if necessary. Just another day out yonder!

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