Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Water!!!!! Almost....

One of the most important things on a farm or homestead is water.  Especially in a dry area.  While we don't have a water source on the property, there are many springs in the area, and we found that encouraging when we purchased the land.  In the last few years, one of our closest neighbors drilled a well, and that got us even more excited!  

So once Woody got his job up here we set to liquidating assets in order to be able to afford water.  In our area, 300 feet is fairly standard.  I budgeted for 400 feet, just in case, and we got on the schedule for the well guy.  And waited.  And waited.  And waited.  Well guys are in high demand.  Amazingly high demand.  After waiting 5 months, I got the call.  "We'll be up tomorrow."  Geez, thanks for the warning guys!

So the next day I went to town to pick me up some well guys.  This is what followed me home:

I was so excited!  The day after that they started drilling.  We decided to go down to 
340 feet max - for a handful of different reasons.  And we hit water!!!!!!  We won't have to rely on the kindness of strangers, or public facilities with hose bibs, or snow melt!  We may not die after all!

Despite all the waiting (followed by short notice), I really liked our well guy, both personally and professionally.  I would definitely use Schroder's Well Drilling out of Goldendale, WA if I ever need a well again.  (Please, if I ever need a well again, just take me out wallet can't handle it!)

Our next challenge is finding the right pump and getting it installed...

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